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File a patent application is easier than expected!

Published on Sunday 9th February 2014

We recommend to everybody with an idea or a logo to register a patent or a trademark. We also did this with our $earch and it wasn´t so difficult.

Today I want to start an explanation how...

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Only 5% motivation are enough to start a therapy

Published on Friday 7th February 2014
Alcohol rehab centers found out, that for a successful fight against addiction only 5% motivation is enough to begin therapy. A small  first step to become the chance to be successful there.
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What you can do to reduce your debts

Published on Saturday 8th February 2014

Call every single one that has a rate over 12 percent – means all of them. Call their customer service number and tell them you saw many offers for 5 and 6 percent balance transfers, and you are...

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New Year's Resolutions for a better 2014

Published on Tuesday 31st December 2013
new year's resolutions for a better 2014, new year's resolutions, new year resolutions, happy new year, refreshing new year, verge of a new year, wishing you all a happy new year, happy new As we come towards the end of 2013, there will be a lot of wishes or plans that might have gone unfulfilled or unachieved.  We all think about the things that didn't go well with us in the present...
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ONE DAY BEFORE CHRISTMAS Amazon fire 600 people

Published on Sunday 29th December 2013
Before ending the Christmas season Amazon fire 600 employees in Germany. Immediately after the release, she had to leave the premises . Verdi, a German union, is horrified.
The union Verdi has...
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Posted by Rainer Proksch in Critical Thinking

Evening Tea along with a Book

Published on Tuesday 24th December 2013
After a hectic day at the office, I got back home earlier today.  The early evening hours are usually boring for me if I reach home at that time.  But as there was no important works or...
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